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"Cafe Collage"

17x13" framed; watercolor/ink on archival paper

This work is an exception to my Dan Francisco series as this cafe is in LA at Venice Beach.

This cafe has a delightful old school atmosphere of local favorite spot and supportive art shows.


This is an ongoing series I started around 2017 after completing a series of Amsterdam and Paris Cafe watercolor/ink artworks from a trip to Europe. I realized there were so many wonderful versions in my own backyard.


Telling the stories of living in this world class city of San Francisco that I treasure because of it's amazing talent in food, art and culture with forward thinking and diverse population is a part of the presentation in my ongoing YOUTube videos of each work.


The pandemic made it all the more poignant as some of these beloved spots are no longer in exsistance. My hope is to preserve an homage to them and the people I interacted with in these places. I hope to encourage locals and tourists alike to visit the highlighted versions that are still open. You can buy an original with frame here as I release them.

Cafe Collage

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