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My new Offerings are building on my initial ™Artchemize Session with more options to continue working with me.


While working with clients, I have found that it would be helpful to make an accessible and planned intentional package as my new offer. I've helped folks going through divorce, wanting to change jobs, cross-state moves, personal/loss grief, and more -where they want to show up for this new situation and there's healing to be done in the transition. 


For these reasons, I realized there's a need to offer a plan for multiple sessions that allow me to support and accompany my clients through major transitions and healing journeys. 

If you have any questions for me, email me.


This is the original session with intentional artwork. $300

This is a service to help with the integration of your newly alchemized energy. Book this healing and integration session to help you navigate your healing journey. Using my wealth of helpful exercises, spells, mantras, (all of my "woo" tailored to you), as well as cheerleading and accountability, I will meet with you for an hour-long session plus behind-the-scenes time to make a plan that will help you to integrate your blossoming in life. $100 per one hour session.

This offering is for four ™Artchemize Sessions spread out quarterly over a year, which will result in four paintings that you can have displayed in a block grid or a line or whatever works for your space. This is a $1200+ value offered at $1050.

This offering is the Transformation Package with 8 ™Artchemize Coaching Sessions. Ideally, we would have an Artchemize Session every 3 months, with integration coaching in the two months between each session. I'm flexible with how that coaching is scheduled. This is a $2000+ value for $1700.

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