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Using alchemy for energy healing

The Artchemize Project is my intuitive creative work using alchemy to paint intentional art for energetic healing and transformation. 


As a response to the Covid Lockdown and 17 Days of Focused Spiritual Practice, I followed the energy that led me to this experiment in which early participants  unanimously agreed to be a helpful experience.

Each session involves listening to your traumas or old patterns of behavior and thought stories around them. I paint the energy as you speak to me.


I listen without judgement, and encourage you to talk about that trauma that you tell no other as a means of letting go of the pain of it and integrating it into your life in a powerfully productive way.

The spirit message or phrase that comes to me during the painting process becomes the title of the painting. The alchemized energy in the painting becomes a tangible reminder of the transformative process and helps you to move forward in a positive way.

I've had some clients book a series during particular transitional times in their lives, like divorce, deaths of loved ones, big moves, job changes, difficult family dynamics, etc.


After the session, you receive a 12x12" painting on canvas to hang in your space and help you to integrate your new new energy. Book a session in the shop and I will contact you via email within 24 hours to schedule a time. Thank you! -Yabette Swank

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