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The Luscious Bum Project seeks to define the Divine Feminine Energy and show the effects of that energy increase on our planet with ongoing through the painting, sculpture and mixed media. This energy manifests in the physical realm of all genders as compassion, creativity, nurturing, and shared cooperation.  It is permeating throughout the planet as part of a divine plan to bring humanity to a state of evolution in which the masculine and feminine are balanced.

This project started with me. As I found the divine feminine within myself, I began to love and accept all parts that are me. As I embraced my entire being with non-judgmental compassion, I was able to have the same for others. My previous inner dialogue regarding those in need went from selfish or apathetic to caring and taking action. This inner shift has changed my entire world view paradigm and when applied to all people can catalyze an enormous change of healthy balance for our universe.
The Luscious Bum began on April 20, 2013 with an installation at a group art show, called “Hello World” at The Service Station at Riverside in Los Angeles, curated by Luna George. It encompasses the double entendre idea of “The Luscious Bum” with an oil painting of a supple derriere, an ode to sensual feminine curves and loving self-acceptance. It will be accompanied by a figurative gestural metal sculpture of the downtrodden human, enrobed in a tapestry of luscious lingerie. The third element is the web and print media that will function as a megaphone of perpetuating the ideas and effects of this truth.

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