An Artchemize Session is an experience of energy healing. The client connects with me via scheduled video call and tells me the trauma story or pattern issues they would like to heal.  As the energy of what they tell me comes through, I create the art. The process of releasing the story is healing, the transmuted energy of the painting is healing for the client who spoke the story, as well as all who come into contact with the artwork afterwards. 


Subjects can range from dealing with grief from loss, self worth issues, childhood traumas, scarcity problems, to assualt, and family mental health drama, etc. 


Book this session and state your preferred time in the note at checkout. I will contact you via email to confirm the time. No refunds. Reschedules can be done with a cancellation that is given with more than 24 hours notice.  Please see additional info below. 


This session includes a  12x12" acrylic on stretched canvas from this Artchemize Project Session that will be shipped to the client within 3 business days of the session. 


5 Star Google Review:

Savanna O'Tool

***** 4 days ago

"Yabette created such a loving space for me to share a very personal and traumatic experience. She had such a compassionate energy about her as I spoke. She painted a beautiful depiction of my wound that included a hint at my future. At the time I was living with my parents in SC and was not a fan of the natural environment. I was longing to be back home in the mountains of TN. She said the trees in the background represented by journey back into the Nature/area that I love as well as my dream to travel full time. 6 months later and I am living in a travel trailer back in my home town where I am getting my life situated to travel full time! Thank you so much Yabette for your love and for this beautiful project!!! 20/10 would recommend!!"

Artchemize Session with Original Artwork

  • Artchemized Project is a response to the Covid Lockdown and 17 Days of Focused Spiritual Practice that led me to it. As an artist and follower of energy healing,  I recognized the need to take my intentional art to a new level and developed this practice. 

    Each session involves listening to a person's trauma story and painting the energy of it.  I do not speak or offer advice as I am not a trained therapist. I am a powerful empath and intuitive magician. 

    I listen without judgement and encourage people to talk about their trauma that they tell no other as a means of letting go of the pain of it and integrating it into their lives in a powerfully productive way. When we can acknowledge our traumas, it helps to move past the pain, and we make better choices in our lives moving forward. 

    The spirit message or phrase that comes to me during the painting process becomes the title of the painting.  Your purchase of this painting helps support this work and allows me to offer this service to people of lower income. 

    The sessions are offered with digital art image, or with original painting. Book a session here.